The WIPP List


Calling all professional women who: understand the challenges of establishing yourself in the public policy world, appreciate the importance of women supporting women, and are committed to positively impacting the African continent through policy!

The WIPP List is a global community and email list for women, primarily women of African descent, who work or aspire to work in the public policy field. Our digital platform aims to foster a culture of information sharing and mentoring, and to empower current and emerging African female policy leaders.

We define “public policy” broadly to include: law, international development, civil society, government, academia, politics, diplomacy, journalism, foreign affairs, data and more. If you’re a woman and desire to impact the African continent through policy, the WIPP List is a network designed to give you power.

What do we do on the WIPP List? We:

  • Share public policy job, internship and fellowship opportunities

  • Exchange career advice and get informal mentoring within a safe space

  • Talk off the record about professional, policy, and gender-equality related topics

  • Share conferences, panels and other policy-related events

We welcome women from different backgrounds, locations, interests, sectors, professional levels and generations. We’re also confident that you have a whole network of professional women who would be just as enthusiastic as you are to be involved. Feel free to share this far and wide—lets create a network of passionate professional women who inspire each other and impact our continent.

If you have any questions regarding the WIPP list, send them our way at